We strive to achieve a 100% satisfaction guarantee backed by a 5 year warranty. Specialising in modern-luxury residential construction projects.

Local Builder

We are a local business serving the greater Sydney Region and Blue Mountains.

Family Owned

We are 100% Carbines family owned and operated !

8 Years Experience

The family history of carpenters and builders creates our passion for building that sets us apart from the others

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

Founded in September 2018 by Blake Carbines, Carbines Homes Pty Ltd has been operating in the Greater Sydney & Blue Mountains region continuing to gain a reputation and name for ourselves that will be ever lasting. The company was named after the family name ‘Carbines’ to represent the fact that our name is our reputation and our everything.
Carbines Homes Pty Ltd is a family owned and operated local business that strives towards quality not quantity.

We design each project around our clients to meet the individual needs of each and every client, We are a fully custom builder. Our motto is ‘Done Once, Done Right!’ to re-enforce our passion and guarantee of satisfaction every time.




Most frequent questions and answers

Before a member of our team comes to site to consult on the specifics of the project you have in mind, it  is recommended that you have done basic re-search on materials, fittings and fixtures that may be incorporated in the build. (eg. light fittings, flooring, tiles, benchtops, doors, etc.) This information will help achieve an accurate cost for materials required for the quote.

By visiting this link on Fair Trading’s website you can enter a trades persons name or company name to check their license.

Carbines Homes is a Family owned company that strives to achieve 100% client satisfaction every-time! Our motto is ‘ Done once, Done right! ‘ which is what we are always aiming to achieve! Our passion for building is what set’s us apart from everyone else, we don’t just see our projects as a job, but as a forever home that will be enjoyed for many of years to come!

Every project is different and varies with cost and time, you can contact us on 0411831249 and receive a obligation free quote. Once we have been to site a quote will be provided and it will include an estimate of a time frame for the project and price.

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